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Mini Row Cover Tunnel(Set of 5)

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Product Details

Set of 5 covers

Product Description

Our Mini Row Cover Tunnel is designed to cover your garden rows or multiple plants.  It's acts as a small greenhouse for your plants, creating an ideal climate for plant growth.  It's great for protecting both seedlings and mature plants.  Our Mini Row Cover Tunnel features a double vent at the top which can be easily adjusted to allow any desired airflow.  This row cover tunnel creates the perfect environment for your plants to thrive and stay healthy.  Your plants, vegetables and fruit will not fall victim to insects, animals, birds or pests.  This plant cover is easy to use, eliminates the need to use harsh pesticide chemicals, very effective in getting the job done and you can use them year after year. TheGardenCloche.com is the #1 seller of garden cloches and plant covers in the US.  Our products are designed to protect your plants from the harsh natural elements, insects and animals.  They are made with durable PVC plastic with a UV inhibitor.

Tunnel Benefits:

  • Extended length covers multiple plants
  • Frost protection
  • Provides a protective barrier against hungry animals
  • Prevents insects from causing unwanted damage to your plants
  • A great organic method for insect/animal control
  • Wind protection
  • Snow/Hail protection
  • Highly reusable
  • Our Row Cover is extremely light weight
  • Super durable 
  • Facilitates greenhouse-like warmth
  • Protects while allowing plant to receive sunlight
  • Helps plants retain moisture and encourages growth


Our Tunnels Feature:

  • Lightweight and extremely durable construction
  • Two fully adjustable air vents
  • Top grab handle for easy lifting
  • Transparent UV protected PVC construction 
  • Row cover stacks for tidy storage 


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Product Reviews

  1. Thanks for the fast delivery

    Posted by Nancy Ripple

    Just got my order of tunnels and I'm more than happy with the product. They look great and I'm excited to use them! These plant covers feel stronger than I thought which is good because I plan to use them next year as well. Thanks for the great goods and kind service. Keep up the blog, it looks great!

  2. Very good... I'm pleased with my purchase

    Posted by Victoria Frank

    I received my order a couple weeks back and so far, these tunnels have done a great job. I have them covering my smaller plants and I can notice a difference already. We've had a few days of sun here and I like how I can see moisture being retained inside the cover. I'm happy to give recommend these. Happy gardening!

  3. Much easier than bags

    Posted by Rebecca Port

    I've used bags in the past to get through the frost but your garden cloche tunnel is a great way to protect my garden against frost. I like how easy they are to use (since I don't keep them on my plants except for during cold weather). Great product and a easy ordering. Thanks Jeff!

  4. Good value

    Posted by Helen Willardson

    These plant cover tunnels are a great way to protect a few plants grouped together. I was able to cover quite a bit with the three that I purchased so thanks for the great product. My garden looks great and it's nice to see my plants thrive in a protected mini green house. I'll be giving your bell shaped covers a try pretty soon.

  5. A Must Have For Beginners

    Posted by Terry Ludlow

    This product is a must have for those just starting a garden. A friend recommended that I try them and they worked wonders. I started a garden many years ago and failed miserable because I planted the seeds too early and a late cold front wiped out all my small plants. This time I did plant early again, but this time had these tunnels to protect them and worked very well. Worth buying a few.

  6. Thanks For The Longer Season

    Posted by Victor K.

    Money well spent. A lot better than than having to wait until the last day of frost or having my plants die at the beginning of the season. Thank you.

  7. Brilliant Idea For Garden

    Posted by Betty Potts

    These tunnel cloches are a brilliant idea I must say. They’re really hard to find in the US. I did see larger ones available online in the US, but one is around $100 with shipping, which is too expensive for me. I have six tunnels from TheGardenCloche.com and use them all the time. I like how light they are and how they stack so easily. Garden on!

  8. I Recommend The Garden Cloche Tunnel

    Posted by Torrie J.

    I bought several of the cloche tunnels 2 years ago and use them all the time for my garden. I like the vents on the top and the length of them. I put two together which almost covers one full row of my garden. I use them for my leafy vegetables - lettuce, napa cabbage, bak choy. Good way of keeping the bugs out and controls the temperature.

  9. Great Product. Worth Every Penny.

    Posted by Sandra Feldman

    Every year my peas get attacked by caterpillars before they can even produce a decent harvest. I do my very best to garden organically, so I like to stay aware from chemicals. I tried everything to keep the bugs off but nothing really worked all that well. I used all sorts of homemade insecticide recipes. I finally gave up and began looking for something else. I considered even buying a small greenhouse. I finally found The Garden Cloche. I had not even heard of garden cloches or knew what a cloche even was. They looked like a great idea though. Not only did their cloches work, but I don’t need to use any chemicals or spend time cooking up some strange insecticide. ..and I can use year after year. Great product.

  10. Most Effective Way To Keep Your Garden Warm

    Posted by Stephanie

    I live in Georgia and I bought the garden cloche tunnel last year at the end of winter in hopes I could begin my Spring planting early. Not only was I able plant 3 weeks early, but I didn't need to worry about the frost destroying my veggies. All I needed to do was to put my tunnels on the night before and they were all set. Works like a charm. All my plants stayed nice and warm and the tunnel is great because it covers a few plants with one tunnel. Best gardening equipment to keep your plants warm. Highly recommend it.