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  • Garden Cloches
    $49.95 $44.95 Large Garden Cloches(Set of 5)
    Large Garden Cloches are dome plant covers meant for medium to large plants that are more mature and have strong roots. These large plant covers will help with trapping in the moisture during the summer months and providing...
  • Garden Cloche
    $34.95 $29.95 Medium Garden Cloche(Set of 5)
    Medium Garden Cloche Plant Covers are ideal for medium sized plants that have established roots.  These slightly larger plants will benefit from the moisture and warmth provided by quality plant covers.  As plants...
  • Gardening Cloche
    $29.95 $24.95 Small Gardening Cloche(Set of 5)
    Small Gardening Cloche Plant Covers are great for protecting and nurturing seedlings in your garden.  These plant covers will keep the moisture and temperature at the appropriate level conducive for plant growth. ...
  • Row Cover
    $49.95 $44.95 Mini Row Cover Tunnel(Set of 5)
    Our Mini Row Cover Tunnel is designed to cover your garden rows or multiple plants.  It's acts as a small greenhouse for your plants, creating an ideal climate for plant growth.  It's great for protecting both...

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Gardening Cloches

Gardening cloches are a great way to protect your plants and lengthen your growing season.  The garden cloche has been used for hundreds of years to shelter young and delicate plants from harsh cold winds, late and early season frosts, and even garden insects and pests. Did you know that the first bell shaped glass cloches were used in Italy in the early 1600s. It was actually the French who developed the bell shaped glass jar that is the familiar gardening cloche design of today.  

While glass cloches look great, they are way too heavy and can shatter easily.  The last thing you need are shards of glass in your garden.  So TheGardenCloche.com has come up with a line of lightweight, affordable, stackable, and reusable gardening cloche for all plant sizes.  Protect your plants now and you'll be on your way to a great garden!


Garden cloches

Saved My Lettuce From Rabbits 

Posted by Susan Patterson

I live right next to a forest where there are some rabbits. Every year the rabbits manage to get into our garden and eat our romaine lettuce. We’ve tried everything to keep them out and don’t want to harm them. I came across TheGardenCloche.com while looking for plant covers and it looked like a neat safe way to keep little critters from eating your plants. I bought a couple packs of the large cloches and sure enough they worked! They work great because they have the steal pegs that secures them tightly so nothing can get in. I have been using them since for my entire garden. They’re a much more affordable alternative than buying a greenhouse.


Great Protection For Your Plants 

Posted by Steven McAdams

I bought these cloches for my tomato plants after they were decimated by caterpillars. I bought some of the medium and large cloches and they worked perfectly. They’re just like a mini green house. They keep your plants warm, moist and free from caterpillars. My only regret is that I wish I had bought them earlier.


Saved My Plants From Frost 

Posted by Andrea C.

I started my first garden in my backyard last year. Unaware of the last day of frost I planted early because we had a week of great sunshine. The week after a cold front came in and nearly killed all my plant in my garden. After that experience I did some research on how to protect your plants from frost and found TheGardenCloche.com. They seemed liked a great idea, so I bought some. They were the best investment for my garden. They saved my garden from further frost and all the slugs that came out shortly after. Well worth the money to help give your plants a little head start.


Great Product. Worth Every Penny. 

Posted by Sandra Feldman

Every year my peas get attacked by caterpillars before they can even produce a decent harvest. I do my very best to garden organically, so I like to stay aware from chemicals. I tried everything to keep the bugs off but nothing really worked all that well. I used all sorts of homemade insecticide recipes. I finally gave up and began looking for something else. I considered even buying a small greenhouse. I finally found The Garden Cloche. I had not even heard of gardening cloches or knew what a cloche even was. They looked like a great idea though. Not only did their cloches work, but I don’t need to use any chemicals or spend time cooking up some strange insecticide. ..and I can use year after year. Great product.


Most Effective Way To Keep Your Garden Warm 

Posted by Stephanie

I live in Georgia and I bought the garden cloche tunnel last year at the end of winter in hopes I could begin my Spring planting early. Not only was I able plant 3 weeks early, but I didn't need to worry about the frost destroying my veggies. All I needed to do was to put my tunnels on the night before and they were all set. Works like a charm. All my plants stayed nice and warm and the tunnel is great because it covers a few plants with one tunnel. Best gardening equipment to keep your plants warm. Highly recommend it.