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When All Hail Breaks Loose On Your Garden


Spring and Summer time is usually filled with excitement to start gardening again.  The weather is warming up and seeds have been planted and your garden is growing!  Just when you think everything is going perfectly...hail!  Hail can sneak up behind you and dessimate your entire garden.  It's like having a firing squad let loose on your defenseless plants.  Protecting your garden from hail can save you a lot of frustration, time and effort.  There are several things you can do to save your plants from the "ice bullets".  One method is to use a ground cover cloth.  You can put the cloth over your seedlings to help absorb some of the impact.  Another method is to use cloches to cover your seedlings and small plants.  Cloches will provide a strong and secure sheild to hail.  Because cloches are made of hard plastic or glass, the hail will have zero impact on your young plants (unless the hail are golfball size or bigger. In that case you probably have some more important things to worry about - like your house and life!).  Also, with cloches they will not fly away during the hail storm because you can use pegs to secure them in place. You can read some more about protecting your garden from hail here.