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How Garden Cloches Work


Garden cloches are a super simple tool with a simple design.  I love that about them.  They’re easy to use and they work.  I don’t need tons of features on it.  I just want something that will help my plants grow.  I know that garden cloches work, but some may not know how they work.  I’m not a scientist nor am I a “master gardener”, but I can give you a simple explanation of how they work.
1. Cloches go over your plants, covering them throughout the day.
2. Sunlight heats up the soil throughout your garden.
3. As the sun goes down and the temperature drops, heat from the soil begins to escape.
Because the garden cloche is in place, that heat is captured as it tries to escape from the soil and remains in the cloche, while uncovered soil will lose the heat and moisture.
Wet soil retains heat better than dry soil, so cloches actually retain the moisture in the soil, thus keeping it warmer.