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Organic Gardening with Plant Covers


If you’ve gardened before you know you’re going to have to deal with insects and pests. Your region will determine what kinds of insects and pests you’ll have to deal with.  Some will cause a mere annoyance and some can be devastating to your entire garden, so it’s important to deal with them promptly before an infestation occurs.   
While you’re probably not going to die if you use chemicals on your home garden, I prefer to be as organic as possible.  My purpose of having a home garden was to have control of what I’m growing and eating and making sure it’s clean and healthy, so to me, using chemicals on my garden would defeat my purpose.  I don’t have anything against people who use chemicals, it’s just your personal preference.  I think you can achieve the same gardening results with or without chemicals, so why not go without.
For me, pest control can be so tough because I don’t have the time to check on my plants.  I can’t just apply some sort of pest control solution and then check it after lunch because I’m working.  So my fear is that I apply it and it doesn’t work and by the time I get back in the late afternoon, the insects went to town on my garden.  Maybe it’s just paranoia, but I want serious plant protection.  If you’ve ever had a horned caterpillar in your garden you know what damage they can do.  There’s a reason why they get so plump and massive.  They eat like crazy!
One of the most susceptible times for a plant is when they’re young.  When they’re young they’re just growing their root system and if they’re transplanted there’s probably stress on the plant.  It’s a very fragile time for the plant and they need protection.  Some of the saddening gardening moments are when your young plants and seedlings don’t make it and have to be removed.  It’s sad and annoying because you’ve either put in a lot of attention and effort in growing it up to that point or paid money to buy the plant, and then some pests come along and treat it like a buffet or a hotel for their offspring.  What I’ve found as an organic gardening pest control solution are cloches. 
One of the most effective forms of plant protection are garden cloches, which in layman’s terms are plant covers.  These cloches or plant covers are transparent covers that essentially prevent anything from harming your plant.  What can’t get to your plant can’t destroy it.  It’s a barrier to all pests looking for their next plant to snack on.  These plant covers also help you maintain an organic garden since not chemicals are needed to keep the bugs away.  The covers keep your plants safe, healthy and fresh.