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Cloche Gardening

cloche gardening

Cloche Gardening is so much fun! So thanks for visiting TheGardenCloche.com, the best place to find plant covers and garden cloches!  I'm Jeff Jan and I'm crazy about plants and gardening.  TheGardenCloche.com is a bi-product that grew from my ongoing search for the best gardening products. 

Believe it or not, cloche gardening has been around for quite some time and are very popular in the UK.  It's quite a simple yet elegant product and after seeing them for the first time I was thrilled.  A friend was using them to help her relatively young garden to get off to a good start. I discovered how effective plastic cloches are as my friend's garden really took off!  A quality plant cover not only protects young plants from harsh weather, they provide an individualized "greenhouse" which provides warmth, keeps pests away and gives young plants a chance to grow and thrive in a natural and organic environment that doesn't require the frequent use of chemical pesticides. 

Weather it's being able to invite friends over to enjoy a garden fresh homecooked meal or sharing gardening tips with my neighbor, gardening is about sharing. I hope that through cloche gardening and TheGardenCloche.com I'll be able to share with you a few great products as well as hear your gardening tips and stories.  Cheers!