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Plant Protection Articles

Plant protection is what we're all about! Below you'll find tips, articles, and links to other sites that we think will help you garden better and keep your plants healthy and strong. We've gathered some great ideas and articles on plant protection and general gardening. We hope you enjoy browsing through our resource center.  If you have any articles that you'd like to submit, please email them to info@thegardencloche.com and we'll be sure to add them in.


Plant Protection and Gardening Articles

Plants and Frost - How to protect your plants from cold weather 

Plant Protection - Tips for cold weather growing

Spring Gardening - 4 Tips to get you off to a better start

Vegetable Gardening - Basic tips for a strong start

Organic Gardening - Grow smart, live healthy!

Protect Plants From Frost - Funny story about losing the battle

What is a Cloche?

Glass Cloches

Glass Cloche

Cloche Garden

Frost Blanket

Plastic Cloche

Plastic Cloches

Plastic Garden Cloches

Polytunnel Cloche

Protecting Plant from Freezing

Protecting Plants from Frost

Tomato Cloche



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