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Garden Cloches protect plants and provide peppers with the heat they love! 

Posted by Lynn Wigglesworth

It's still winter here in Northern Pennsylvania, but I'm using my Garden Cloches! The temperature in my greenhouse still dips below freezing on cold nights, so I've set up my Garden Cloches in the greenhouse to protect plants (onions, leeks, cabbage, so far). The cloches will later protect the first tender plants that get planted out. Then, once the weather warms, the Garden Cloches will go on pepper plants; it's cool all summer here and I've never had good luck with peppers outdoors. I'm sure the Garden Cloches will provide peppers with the heat they love, especially on those chilly summer nights that always set back my peppers. I've attached a video showing the Garden Cloches in my greenhouse; they let me start using my greenhouse a couple of weeks earlier than I normally would.


Pleasantly surprised 

Posted by Emily Stockton (Everett WA)

More than happy to write a review for you. Your garden plant covers worked out really good. I was pleasantly surprised. They did a great job at keeping my plants warm during some really cold weather and I'm sure they'll do a great job keeping insects and animals away from our vegetables. Price was affordable and I'm happy with the product. I'll tell my gardening friends about you. Thanks Jeff!

Two thumbs up 

Posted by Ron White

Great service, reasonable price, product works well. I'm happy to tell me friends about your site. Thanks for the great garden covers.

Thanks for the head start 

Posted by Emma Green from Dallas Texas

I'm more than happy to write a testimonial. Your plant covers helped me get off to an early start this year. My plants survived the cold and are ready to head into Spring. This year is the earliest year I've started...I'll let you know how it goes but I'm pretty sure I'll do well. Your cloches are priced reasonably and I recommend them to any gardener. Thanks a ton!

Quite useful for keeping rabbits away 

Posted by Sara Quibbly

Finally found a great way to keep those hungry rabbits away from my garden! I had to pile up some extra soil around the edges just to be sure but they held up against the rabbit gang that roams my backyard. Thanks for a great product that really do protect plants. And kudos for the friendly service. I'll be telling my friends about your site.

An affordable Victorian Cloche 

Posted by Yonder Family

I've used Victorian Cloches before but never thought about purchasing in bulk for my entire garden since glass cloches are quite expensive. These plastic garden cloches are very inexpensive and do a great job. I really like how easily they can be put in place and removed. A great help to my garden!

Thanks for a great product 

Posted by Uma

I've bought a lot of garden products over the years so it's easy to recommend these little plant covers. They're basically a mini greenhouse for an individual plant so your plant is protected and given extra warmth to grow faster. I've even used the smaller ones indoors to help my indoor plant retain moisture during the winter months when I have my central heat on (which usually dries my indoor plants out pretty good). I'm happy to help write this testimonial for you, you've done a splendid job and I'll be telling my friends. Thanks again Jeff.

Happy to recommend these 

Posted by Samuel from SLC

Great individual plant covers for flower gardeners! Easy ordering and fast delivery...I recommend this site.

Happy gardening!

An affordable little plant cover 

Posted by rich willard

Your plant covers are a great addition to my garden. Since I only bought a few, I've been able to see the difference between the plants I covered and the ones that weren't covered. I'll definitely be buying some more to protect my plants. Thanks again for taking the time to work with me. It was nice to be able to get a quick response from you. Do you think you'll be selling any small sized green houses anytime soon?

Large Cloches - A great experience 

Posted by Rachel Wagas from Seattle WA

Hi, I recently purchased some of your large cloches and I thought they worked great. I had a couple really cold weeks and I was glad I had them in place. Thank you for replying to my emails and I hope you have great success with your store. I'll be back for more soon (I need some for my other garden come Spring).

Wish they were heavier but pleased with results 

Posted by Chad Wicky - Las Vegas NV

The garden cloches worked out pretty good although I wish they were a bit thicker and heavier. I put soil over the sides to keep it in place a little better which worked out well. Over all, these are decent plant covers that do keep my plants warmer. The vent holes make it easy to water my plants as well. Surprisingly pleased. The site looks great too.

More affordable than glass 

Posted by Lisa Riddly & John Thompson (Growing Time Farms)

In the UK I used glass bell cloches but these plastic cloches are a great way to achieve the same results without having to spend a lot of money. They're quite durable and you don't have to worry about your kids throwing stones at them. Glad to see that you're stocked back up on tunnels now Jeff! Thanks again for the great garden cloches.

Great service, great product 

Posted by Margaret Schlosser

I'm happy to recommend this site and product. Jeff was very helpful and really went out of his way to explain the product to me in great detail. I recommend him and his product to any gardener out there looking for garden cloches. The product is strong yet lightweight. I used the small size plant covers then used the larger tunnel when my flowers got a little larger. This is my second time ordering these and I think they're wonderful! Thanks again Jeff.

Helpful mini greenhouse 

Posted by Eric Tivler

Funny shaped dome actually acts as a little greenhouse. Great product that is made quite strong. Does what it says it does and is a great little plant cover. Recommended!

Fast and fun 

Posted by Sharon Times (Oregon)

Thanks Jeff for the quick delivery. These are fun little plant covers! I recommend them and give your site a two thumbs up. Keep it up.

A great little plant cover 

Posted by David the newbie gardener

I've wanted a little greenhouse to get my small garden going and after using these plant covers from Jeff, I think I'll get one since these cloches from Jeff really showed me what a little extra warmth can do for a plant. Good stuff, I recommend these to anyone looking to give plants a little extra protection.

These plastic plant covers look great 

Posted by Tracy P. - Riverside CA

I've never wanted to put an ugly plastic cover on my garden so these plastic plant covers work great since they're small and easy to remove. I can still see my plants from my kitchen with these covers on. They seem to be working well.

Excited to try them 

Posted by Tami Trappolis

I haven't actually tried these yet but Jeff was so quick to answer my emails that I thought I'd leave my comments and tell other gardeners that Jeff is great and replied quickly to my questions. I've never used garden covers like these before so I had a few questions before I ordered. I can't wait for the snow to melt!

Simple and works great 

Posted by Terry Michaels from Fresno CA

I never used these before but saw them on a few different sites. I don't really have problems with insects or weather but I thought I'd see if the extra warmth would help my flowers get off to a better start. So far so good. A simple product that does what it's supposed to do. Good luck with the site.

It Really Is Like A Greenhouse 

Posted by Susan G
These large cloches really are like mini greenhouses. I live in Washington state where it stays pretty cool and these cloches keep my plants warm. It seems like I always have problems with slugs every year and these worked well in keeping them out. Nice product.

Keeps Bugs Out 

Posted by Maria Chan

I had the most trouble last year with horned caterpillars eating my garden. I don’t like to use chemicals so I wanted something organic and easy to use. I came across TheGardenCloche and thought cloches were such a clever idea. I mainly use the large cloches since I have a larger garden and they allow more space for the plants. I have three of the medium size, but found they’re a little too small for my garden.

Medium and Large Size Work Well 

Posted by Joann Lucas

If you’re growing your garden with seeds, the small cloches will probably work well. But if you are transplanting plants I would recommend using the medium or large cloches. I gave my small cloches to a friend that was starting a garden and she loved them because it really keeps your seedlings warm and safe. Really good for beginner gardeners so their plants don’t die on them.

Saved My Lettuce From Rabbits 

Posted by Susan Patterson
I live right next to a forest where there are some rabbits. Every year the rabbits manage to get into our garden and eat our romaine lettuce. We’ve tried everything to keep them out and don’t want to harm them. I came across TheGardenCloche.com while looking for plant covers and it looked like a neat safe way to keep little critters from eating your plants. I bought a couple packs of the large cloches and sure enough they worked! They work great because they have the steal pegs that secures them tightly so nothing can get in. I have been using them since for my entire garden. They’re a much more affordable alternative than buying a greenhouse.

Wonderful plant covers 

Posted by Faye Livingston

I usually don't write reviews but these plant covers were so fun to use that I thought I'd say thanks. They really did make a difference and my garden is off to an early start. I've recommended your plant covers to my friends and I'm sure I'll be back for some more. Cheers!

Ready for some more 

Posted by Henry P. - Colorado

They worked out great the first time around so I was happy to just order again. Thanks for the bulk discount too! I'm always worried about insect control and your products have done a great job at helping me keep my plants protected. I can also see how they would help protect against cold weather (although I've never run into frost while using them). The condensation on the inside walls show me that it is indeed warmer inside the plastic plant cover which is a good thing for my plants. Thanks again for a great product!

Lightweight and strong 

Posted by Earl Thatch

Received my shipment of garden cloches. These little plant covers are stronger than I thought. I don't know if it's their shape but they stood up to some of the strongest winds we've had this year. Please with the product and hope that they'll help keep my plants warm (we have yet to see any sun here). Happy to recommend your product.

Timely addition to my early garden supplies 

Posted by Heather Riley

Just wanted to say that your warming plant covers saved my garden from some cold weather. I would have had to throw up some plastic covers but your little plant covers made it easy to fight off the cold weather. I'll be looking to order some of the larger sizes a little later on and I've already told a bunch of my friends about your site.

Keeps my garden looking lovely 

Posted by Fran Hill

Thanks for the garden cloche set. My garden looks lovely and it's still early in the season. Just looking at the shiny covers I can almost feel how much warmer my plants are. A great product that's worth a recommendation. Thanks again!

Great plant protection 

Posted by Randy Tillman ~experienced gardener

Very functional plant cover that does what a green house does, protects and warms. This is my second time around using your plant covers and I'm more than happy to give it a positive score. Solid product Jeff.

Affordable plant covers 

Posted by Simone T.

Very reasonable price. Thanks for the sturdy plant covers. I saw these on a facebook group page and thought they looked great. They work the way you say and I'm happy to share these with my friends. Thanks for the great site Jeff!

Great product and wonderful service 

Posted by Adeliea Jones - Wonderful Garden Center

Thanks Jeff for the great customer service. I'll be telling my gardening community about your lovely site. Your cloches are working great and the extra protection and green house effect are really helping my flowers get off to a great start. I've noticed that the plants stay really clean as well which is nice since I'm a garden photographer as well. Again, thanks for the wonderful product. I'm sure I'll be back for more soon!

Better Than Glass Cloches 

Posted by Martha Bender

I like these cloches much better than the glass ones. They're not nearly as heavy and stack much easier. They don't chip or break like the glass ones and they cost less.

Happy I Found These 

Posted by Charles Reed
I looked all over the place for these after seeing something similar on tv. Like the design, top vent and weight. Good buy.

Early Planting With Cloches 

Posted by Beth H.

I love gardening, but I live in Michigan so our gardening season is limited. It’s tough to have the patience for the final day of frost to pass. One thing that’s so good about these garden cloches is that you can start planting your garden much earlier in Spring by use the cloches. You can also use them during the Fall to prolong your gardening season even longer. You end up extending your entire gardening season by about 2 months. Great way to get the most out of your garden.

Great Protection For Your Plants 

Posted by Steven McAdams
I bought these cloches for my tomato plants after they were decimated by caterpillars. I bought some of the medium and large cloches and they worked perfectly. They’re just like a mini green house. They keep your plants warm, moist and free from caterpillars. My only regret is that I wish I had bought them earlier.

Thanks for the fast service and splendid product 

Posted by Grace from Orlando

I've been looking for these for a while and was glad to find your site. I've used these in the past and they work great! I use them in my flower garden and they do wonders to get my garden off to a great start. Kudos on a great looking site and on great service. I'll be back for more!

Warm plants grow faster 

Posted by Wilma Vandercamp

I thought these garden cloches would be a fun experiment. I only bought a few and after a few weeks, I can already see a difference. I'm pretty sure it's the warmth that is helping because we had some cold weeks recently. I'm surprised at how easy it is to give plants a helping hand. I have no problem recommending these plant covers.

Affordable plant covers 

Posted by Erica Schmirler

I shopped around and found these cloches to be an affordable type of plant cover for my small garden. They look much better too since I can still see my plants inside. I really didn't want to do a full cold frame style cover and buying a larger cover was out of my budget. These are affordable and definitely worth a try. I recommend them. Thanks again.

Great addition to my spring arsenal 

Posted by Thomas Kerby

I decided to add these to my spring arsenal and I think they'll do really well. Although I haven't used them yet, they look and feel great. Solid construction and simple enough to do the job they're supposed to. They're basically a miniature greenhouse for individual plants so the benefits are obvious. A great price and thanks to Jeff for taking the time to reply to my questions. Good service which is hard to find these days. Thanks guys!

Looking forward to using your garden cloches 

Posted by Eric Michaels

I received the order and everything looks great. I've started to plan out the lay of my garden and I think I didn't buy enough plant covers from you. Anyway, I'll start it off soon and let you know how things go. The cloches feel sturdy and I'm sure they'll do their job. Two thumbs up so far!

Great for indoor gardening 

Posted by Trent Livington

I've started my garden off this year indoors. I'm looking to transplant some seedlings when the weather warms up. These plant covers work great for growing indoors. Great for helping plants retain moisture. I'm using a grow light on them but I'm not sure how that will turn out. So far it seems to work good. Thanks for the friendly service and I look forward to doing more business with you soon.

One step closer to growing year round 

Posted by lacy mcgratch

Thanks for the garden cloche kit. Everything looks great and I think with these, I'm one step closer to growing year round. The tunnels worked great last year so I'm confident that I'm off to a good start this year. Thanks for answering my questions for me (I'm sure you usually don't get that many). About the product, it's strong and does its job. Great product and thanks for offering bulk discounts!

Great service 

Posted by Trisha Renash

I actually bought these for a friend but I'm happy to say that she loves them. Thanks Jeff for the friendly and personal service!

Strong product, affordable price 

Posted by Yolanda Turner

Been gardening for over 20 years and I've used a lot of different products. You plant covers are a simple approach to an often complex problem - protecting your plants. The greenhouse like warmth is great and the protection from caterpillars and animals is quite effective. I'll be sure to let you know how they worked out after I've used them for a few more months but so far I'm pleased.

Cute covers keep my plants thriving 

Posted by Cindy Wright
Received these as a Christmas gift and started to use them already. They look really cute and I've even used them on some potted plants. So far so good. I'm pretty sure they'll work out well since my daughter is already using them. More than glad to recommend this product to others.

Made Wife Happy 

Posted by Patrick Ramsey

I bought 6 of these for my wife's birthday last year and she absolutely loved them. She had just started a garden and I came across these on the internet and thought they'd be cool for her to use. She now swears by them and I'm going to get more of the larger ones for her birthday again this year. Never would have thought these would make a good birthday gift.

Simple And Functional 

Posted by Mary Stewart

I can't believe these aren't available at most major retail stores. They work great for starting a garden because they're so easy and simple to use. You don't need to fuss with building anything over your garden and I like how they're transparent so you can see how the seed is growing. It's a good way to keep my kids from picking at the small plants too.

Simple And Works Well 

Posted by Diana Beckstrom

I usually plant seeds so I like these smaller cloches. It's a simple thing that worked good for my garden. I'll get more next season.

Best Idea for Beginners 

Posted by Jonathan Butler

The first time I started a garden I planted all my vegetables from seeds. They do take longer, but they’re also cheaper. I thought it would be easy to grow, but after they sprouted nearly all of them died from a late frost. I ended up replanting all of them! It really got me paranoid about planting too early in the spring. Now I use the tunnel cloches and don’t worry about late frost. Highly recommend this product if you’re just starting a garden.

Saved My Plants From Frost 

Posted by Andrea C.
I started my first garden in my backyard last year. Unaware of the last day of frost I planted early because we had a week of great sunshine. The week after a cold front came in and nearly killed all my plant in my garden. After that experience I did some research on how to protect your plants from frost and found TheGardenCloche.com. They seemed liked a great idea, so I bought some. They were the best investment for my garden. They saved my garden from further frost and all the slugs that came out shortly after. Well worth the money to help give your plants a little head start.

Thanks for the fast delivery 

Posted by Nancy Ripple

Just got my order of tunnels and I'm more than happy with the product. They look great and I'm excited to use them! These plant covers feel stronger than I thought which is good because I plan to use them next year as well. Thanks for the great goods and kind service. Keep up the blog, it looks great!

Very good... I'm pleased with my purchase 

Posted by Victoria Frank

I received my order a couple weeks back and so far, these tunnels have done a great job. I have them covering my smaller plants and I can notice a difference already. We've had a few days of sun here and I like how I can see moisture being retained inside the cover. I'm happy to give recommend these. Happy gardening!

Much easier than bags 

Posted by Rebecca Port

I've used bags in the past to get through the frost but your garden cloche tunnel is a great way to protect my garden against frost. I like how easy they are to use (since I don't keep them on my plants except for during cold weather). Great product and a easy ordering. Thanks Jeff!

Good value 

Posted by Helen Willardson

These plant cover tunnels are a great way to protect a few plants grouped together. I was able to cover quite a bit with the three that I purchased so thanks for the great product. My garden looks great and it's nice to see my plants thrive in a protected mini green house. I'll be giving your bell shaped covers a try pretty soon.

A Must Have For Beginners 

Posted by Terry Ludlow

This product is a must have for those just starting a garden. A friend recommended that I try them and they worked wonders. I started a garden many years ago and failed miserable because I planted the seeds too early and a late cold front wiped out all my small plants. This time I did plant early again, but this time had these tunnels to protect them and worked very well. Worth buying a few.

Thanks For The Longer Season 

Posted by Victor K.

Money well spent. A lot better than than having to wait until the last day of frost or having my plants die at the beginning of the season. Thank you.

Brilliant Idea For Garden 

Posted by Betty Potts

These tunnel cloches are a brilliant idea I must say. They’re really hard to find in the US. I did see larger ones available online in the US, but one is around $100 with shipping, which is too expensive for me. I have six tunnels from TheGardenCloche.com and use them all the time. I like how light they are and how they stack so easily. Garden on!

I Recommend The Garden Cloche Tunnel 

Posted by Torrie J.

I bought several of the cloche tunnels 2 years ago and use them all the time for my garden. I like the vents on the top and the length of them. I put two together which almost covers one full row of my garden. I use them for my leafy vegetables - lettuce, napa cabbage, bak choy. Good way of keeping the bugs out and controls the temperature.

Great Product. Worth Every Penny. 

Posted by Sandra Feldman

Every year my peas get attacked by caterpillars before they can even produce a decent harvest. I do my very best to garden organically, so I like to stay aware from chemicals. I tried everything to keep the bugs off but nothing really worked all that well. I used all sorts of homemade insecticide recipes. I finally gave up and began looking for something else. I considered even buying a small greenhouse. I finally found The Garden Cloche. I had not even heard of garden cloches or knew what a cloche even was. They looked like a great idea though. Not only did their cloches work, but I don’t need to use any chemicals or spend time cooking up some strange insecticide. ..and I can use year after year. Great product.

Most Effective Way To Protect Plants and Keep Your Garden Warm 

Posted by Stephanie

I live in Georgia and I bought the garden cloche tunnel last year at the end of winter in hopes I could begin my Spring planting early. Not only was I able plant 3 weeks early, but I didn't need to worry about the frost destroying my veggies. All I needed to do was to put my tunnels on the night before and they were all set. Works like a charm. All my plants stayed nice and warm and the tunnel is great because it covers a few plants with one tunnel. Best gardening equipment to keep your plants warm. Highly recommend it.